About us

A Little Bunch deliver beautiful, locally grown fresh flowers to your Perth home or workplace for just $39 including delivery to selected suburbs.
The fresh flowers in our daily flower posy bouquet are locally grown, that means local growers are supported by the flower loving people of Perth. Did you know a lot of the flowers available in Perth, around Australia and in fact around the world are in fact now grown in South America and Africa? Cheap labour is used, they are air freighted to Australia, fumigated, clear customs and distributed and sold for the same price if not cheaper than a local Perth grower a few suburbs away can produce it for! Its madness we say! Flowers you see in supermarkets often have more air kilometres than most of us would ever achieve!
We have so many skilled local Perth flower growers who are so passionate and plain awesome at what they do. We are looking to support them as you support us, a local Perth business.
As consumers we are now used to being able to buy once seasonal produce at any time of the year. Have a look at the local supermarket, mangoes are available from Mexico in the middle of a Perth winter, yes its crazy!. Just as the real world works on seasons, as we buy locally grown flowers the flowers we source will be seasonal to Perth. Don’t expect peonies in the middle of a scorching Perth summer, expect the freshest just picked Perth blooms wrapped beautifully and delivered for you.
We just love flowers and the associated positive effect they have on people. Not just to the the recipient but also on the sender.
Do you remember how it feels to order flowers for someone? It’s a great feeling isn’t it?! The expectation of the joy and love you are having delivered to them, to remind them they are loved and thought of.
We want the people of Perth to experience this stellar feeling not just once or twice a year but every month, every week or why not every day?!.