Little Bunch Care

So you must have been spoilt by someone and received a Little Bunch of flower loveliness!

We want your flowers to last as long as possible, so here's a few tips to help you with that:

  • We source the freshest Perth grown flowers available so your already on your way.
  • Choose the vase you would like to place your Little Bunch in (pssst they look great even in a glass jar, a tea pot, anything that holds water!)
  • Depending on the vase/jar/teapot height and to what level you fill it with fresh water, its best to strip any greenery that will be sitting below the water line.
  • Cut 1-2cm off all the stems (on an angle if you have wrist dexterity) as this increases the surface area the stem can draw water through
  • Plop them in the vase, keeping them out of direct sunlight and heat sources (heaters, air conditioners, ovens, sleeping cats)
  • Its best if you can change the water every day, every couple if your feeling a lil bit lazy
  • Sit back and enjoy your Little Bunch!